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My Voiceover career started with the announcement that I wanted to be a stunt driver. My wife who has always been very supportive of my career decisions, gently reminded me of how well I have always done with all the characters that I have portrayed over the years,on and off the stage. I thought that sounded like a great idea especially since I had acting experience, and had done voiceovers in the theater. I started my voiceover career with voiceovers for two U of M Thesis films. I have also been a halftime stadium announcer for the Killian Highschool Marching Cougar band.


Because of my acting background, I feel the voiceover demo I have recorded is a unique one. I am listed on a demo for the European market, as well as Web sites for Florida Showtime and Diprima Casting.


I continue to look for Voiceover opportunities,as they present themselves. I am capable of a variety of charactor voices, as well as a strightforward honest,and sincere delivery.

My voiceover demo is available by mail, online, or can be played immediately by clicking on Diprima Casting , clicking on voiceover, in the left hand column, under my name Amedeo Falgiatore.

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