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In the early 70's, my TV and Film career started with a commercial for National airlines, where I was working at the time. Since my early retirement from Delta Airlines as a Reservations agent (a form of acting) in Jan of 2001,I have embarked on a more aggressive approach. I have studied acting for the camera with commercial casting director Linda Fionte,TV and film casting director Lori Wyman,LA casting directors Doug Wright,and Tom Logan, and actor,writer and producer Ray Forchion. I am listed on Web sites for Florida Showtime and The Theater League of South Florida.


Alanzo in Real Premonition
Shot in 2005

My TV / Film career was a crossover experience when an Opera I was singing 'AMAHL AND THE NIGHT VISITORS ' was video taped for Coral Gables TV. The producer was so impressed with the production, that he asked his family to watch it which he said he had never done before. Since July of 2002, I have appeared in CSI Miami, a public service commercial for staying in school,a Florida Lotto Commercial,Ocean Ave,Bad Boys II,Justin To Kelly,Stuck On You and Isla Bella. I have also appeared as a principal player in several Independent films,and just reciently cast as 'Bin Zari'in a film called 411


Bin Zari and Kabali in 411

I continue to audition for TV and Film as well as commercials on a weekly basis. With a background in theater and continued study in camera techniqes, I feel this ongoing project is exciting,challenging,hopefully lucrative someday,but most of all fun.


Bin Zari in 411

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